Teaching Children How to Treat People With Disabilities: Early Education Video

This YouTube video is a great resource for teachers to watch in order to get a better idea on how to teach early childhood students about students with disabilities. Instead of labeling children by their disabilities, all students should be seen as individuals with strengths and areas of need. Regardless if a student is gifted or has a disability, those students should always be welcome and included in the classroom environment. It is important for teachers to take note of this.

Classroom Management

This article explores how teachers can constantly learn new and improved ways to better manage their inclusion classroom. This study explains how performance feedback given to teachers is an important resource that could be used in order to have better control over the classroom environment. The best way for teachers to improve their classroom management is to be observed and be given feedback on how to improve their teaching. This feedback was seen as a positive resource for teachers and helped them handle students with special needs in the classroom a lot more effectively.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.07.03 AM.png

This is an important image for early education teachers to share with students. This could be used in a third grade classroom. The teacher can project this image onto the board and ask students why they think that “disability” is written out this way. The teacher and students could then have an open discussion of why it is important to focus on the strengths of students and never focus on any type of weaknesses. The more emphasis on strengths, the more students will embrace these strengths and feel proud of the individual that they are because of these strengths that they have. Every student should feel a sense of pride in themselves no matter what.  If teachers always encourage children’s curiosity, they will learn to develop knew strengths and build upon the strengths that they already have. This fosters a positive learning environment.